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Pain Management Care of  State College, PA

Pain Management Care of State College, PA is a private chronic pain management and chemical dependency facility. We hold Gold Seal accreditation through the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JHACO). Pain Management Care is dedicated to providing a complete spectrum of services including:

• Medically Supervised Detoxification
• Chronic Pain Management 
• Co-occurring Drug Dependence Treatment
• Dual Diagnosis Treatment
• Inpatient and Outpatient Programs

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Chronic pain is the identified cause of more disability than cancer and heart disease combined. Nationwide, approximately one in six people suffer from chronic pain and seek pain management services. It is estimated that it costs employers more than $550 million annually in lost workdays. Pain Management Care of State College, PA provides hope for those suffering from chronic pain and the accompanying dependence on prescription medications. Not only are the effects of pain felt by the individual; families suffer as well. There are numerous pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments for chronic pain; however there is no universal treatment that works for every person. Pain Management Care is providing a solution to this complex situation through our highly individualized opiate-free CHRONIC PAIN RECOVERY PROGRAM

Pain Management Care of State College, PA is proud to introduce the concept of Pain Recovery, which reduces the physical symptoms of pain and teaches patients how to reduce pain and emotional suffering.

Our Services

• Medically Managed Detoxification
• Complex Detoxification
• A Multidisciplinary Treatment Team
• Holistic Pain Management Services
• Comprehensive Chronic Pain Program
• Intensive Outpatient Programs
• Individual and Group Therapy
• A 12-Step Philosophy 
• Family Programs
• Alumni Support Groups

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Pain Management Care

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